Basic Lessons 1-15

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Ventriloquism, Speech Production, and A Word to Pre-Teen Students.

Lesson 2 - The Ventriloquist Voice, Voice Throwing, Breathing and Breath Control, and The Ventriloquist Mouth Position.

Lesson 3 - More on the Ventriloquist Mouth Position and the Ventriloquial Voice, The Ventril-o-aid and its use, and Resonant Sounds.

Lesson 4 - Secret of the Ventriloquist Voice, Voice Placement, The Breath Streams and Voice "Throwing", plus Practice Suggestions and Tips.

Lesson 5 - Ventriloquist Figures and Puppets, "Hard" Puppets vs. "Soft" Puppets, Novelty Puppets, Selecting a Figure or Puppet.

Lesson 6 - Mouth Synchronization, Tips For Practicing Daily, and Naming Your Puppet.

Lesson 7 - Manipulation of the Ventriloquist Figure, Real-Life Actions, Taking Advantage of Mistakes, plus Practice Tips and Secrets.

Lesson 8 - Making the Most of Eye Movement, Pantomime Practice, "Rule-of-Three", and Positions for Performance.

Lesson 9 - Daily Practice Secrets and Suggestions, The "Magical" Word, Dealing With "Pucker" Words, Moods and More, and Pre-Show Preparation.

Lesson 10 - Letters W, H, and Wh, Care of the Ventriloquist Figure, and the Slam-Bang Close.

Lesson 11 - Labial Preparation, Substitute and Alternate Letters, "Focus on F", and "Visit with V".

Lesson 12 - "Bothersome Labial B", "Pesky Labial P", plus Variations and Tips.

Lesson 13 - Technique vs. Entertainment Skills, The Success of Simplicity, Dangers of Comparison and Imitation, and Tips for Practice.

Lesson 14 - The Importance of an Act, Gestures for Greatest Impact, Pantomime Practice, Practice Dialogue, and Tips For Practice.

Lesson 15 - Banquet Performing, Involving the Audience in the Show, Reacting to the Unexpected, Mannerisms, Movement, and Courtesy.